Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where For Art Thou Spring?

This is looking out the door of our home in Connecticut!

I can not wait until spring.  It has been a hard winter in the Northeast.  To anyone living in California, Arizona and Florida, you are lucky ducks!  Seems like you are the only states that escaped the snow. Last weekend, the snow was falling like crazy and the flakes were the size of plates! 

I am so anxious for spring that when we had our first sunny 45 degree day on Monday, I took my camera out for a stroll in NYC in hopes of finding a sign of spring.  Here is what I found:
See the sad, little, dried hydrangea clinging on for dear life!  Yep, that was real wishful thinking!
See the tiny black thing in the snow? That is a bird looking for spring, too!

Oh well, I guess I will have to MINDFULLY WILL spring to come!  Here are the wonderful things I LOVE about Spring!

The signs of spring life begin with the emergence of the little leaves pushing through the ground to become beautiful tulips and crocuses.

Along with the blossoming trees, don't you love Cherry Blossom and Dogwood trees?
Love the fresh, baby blades of grass that get thicker and thicker to make a soft carpet to walk on barefoot!
Spring is a celebration of new babies of all kinds!

I also find that everyone is affected by "spring fever". You just feel more alive!!! Isn't this a gorgeous photo of Sophia Loren and her niece?

I actually feel that I peel a layer of protection off  when spring comes.  I have been shrouded  in coats for so many months....

Now, I can wear pretty florals and feel like a "girly" girl.

And finally, after long months in a house or apartment, it is time to dine al fresco!!

I hope these images inspire all my readers to WILL spring to come.  What do you love about spring?

Au Revoir for now!