Thursday, September 17, 2015

Special posts of dances to Watch Me Whip/Nae/Nae

I had to share this sweet video!!!  So cute!!!

And this one of an 11year girl and her Father.  Both are so special!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Myra Hoefer - a woman with impeccable and ever evolving taste.

Myra Hoefer is a California designer that I always admired.  She had a wonderful gift for combining the natural, neutral and easy California style with french elegance.

In early May, she passed away at the age of 68.  It is a loss to the design world because she had a unique eye.  Like many design lovers, I keep magazine clippings many years back.  I went back in my clippings to find one of my very favorite lofts designed by Myra and her then husband, artist Wade Hoefer.

It was featured in a 1993 House Beautiful and at that time "loft living" was a relatively new design concept.  I thought Myra's loft in Healdsburg, CA was so wonderful and definitely made an imprint in my memory.

Here is the article:

All of the artwork is Wade Hoefer  and several of the tables and lamps are Ron Mann.

Later in life, her design evolved to incorporate more elements of french elegance.  You can google her and view many photos of her work.  But this loft is less represented and yet made such an impression on me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tempted To Begin A "Mini" Animal Farm.

For all my blogger readers that are getting to know me, I AM (full disclosure) A MAJOR ANIMAL LOVER!!  ...except for reptiles and snakes.

I am a huge dog lover.  Love them in all shapes and sizes.  I have had a special bond with dogs since I was a baby.  When I was two years old, my dad brought home a German Sheppard that we named Rebel.  I remember this dog as a mere toddler.  I loved this dog so much that when we moved from house in Oklahoma City to a small apartment in Dallas, Tx.,we had to leave Rebel behind with a family with a farm. At six years old, I vividly remember crying the entire trip from Oklahoma City to Dallas over the loss of Rebel, my companion and friend.

It has been that way ever since.  I have always had a dog in my life.  Even in college when most do not want responsibility for anything but yourself.  I had a special dog that was given to me by a boyfriend.  She was a Pekingese/Poodle named Ray Ban.  This special dog spent her life as my special companion through the trials and tribulations of a college student, then a young professional in NYC, to a 30+ person married with babies.  Ray Ban lived to be 19 years old.  We went through a lot together.  Thank god should could not speak because the secrets she could have exposed about my college and 20's would have been shameful.

Currently, I have five dogs (yes, you read correctly) and all but two are rescues. Two Pomeranians, two Yorkies, and a Poodle.

These are  my Pommies: Cubby and Cashmere

 Cashmere smilin' and stylin'!!  Cashie is a champion Pom that was given to a rescue I work with because the breeder got sick and could no longer show.  She is so easy going and lovable. 

 Pixie, my 5 pound wonder dog.  She is not a rescue. I got Pixie BEFORE I got involved in animal rescue and learned how many dogs need homes.

 Halloween dress up with Pixie and Spunky, our poodle.poodle   She is so in love with my husband.  When he is home, she never leaves his side.

This is Lilly, my sweet Yorkie, that spent the first four years of her life as a puppy mill dog.  She was abused, never touched, or loved.  She has no teeth because they were pulled to keep her from biting while  breeding her.  She is now a happy and very loved dog.  She never leaves my side.  Lilly is still afraid of men and will only let me pick her up.  Because she was in a cage her whole life, she did not have dog instincts because puppies learn from watching their mothers and litter mates. My other dogs have taught her how to play with toys and run around the yard.  

I also love any wildlife around our house.  Last winter was so snowy and cold that the deer were having a hard time finding food.  They would come to our yard and wait for me to give them apples and bird seed.  I could have 20 deer waiting for food.  (Shh...I am not sure you are supposed to feed them but they were really starving.)

Mother and her baby sharing an apple.

Another mother and baby laying down waiting for me to come home to feed them. One particular deer we called Dopey (because she was so trusting) would rest next to the feeding bowl.  The others would hang back behind trees.  When they saw my white Volvo pull in driveway, all would get up and come to the bowls.  They know my car!!!

Next year, our twin boys will be going off to college and I have been thinking about the Empty Nest phase.  I have been inspired by two blogs to get a menagerie of mini animals.  Patina Farm, which is Brooke Giannetti's blog where she writes about building their beautiful farm in Ojai. California.  Live Sweet Photography chronicles her family life with a precious pig named Pearl , baby goats and more. Here is a sampling of the adorable animals:
Henrietta, a Bantam chicken, at Patina Farm

Henrietta strutting her stuff at Patina Farm

Mini donkey at Patina Farm
Mini donkeys at Patina Farm
This is Dot, a pygmy goat, at Patina Farm
Goldie, a pygmy goat, lives with family Live Sweet Photography

Mini horse
Would love to have a mini horse, too!!

Pearl - Live Sweet Photography

Pearl at Live Sweet Photography
I can't get enough of Pearl. Lindsey Bonnice's, owner of Live Sweet,  daughter Libby and Pearl are best friends.  Pearl and Live Sweet have over 70,000 Instagram followers that they amuse every day.  I want a pig like Pearl!!

Yes, a mini farm of mini animals would be loads of fun (and work).  This soon-to-be-empty nester has something to look forward to.  In the meantime, I will settle for reading the adventures of Patina Farm and Live Sweet.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Van Wyke Events- elegance abounds


I had seen some crazy beautiful photos of a NYC event planners birthday party that intrigued me enough to find out more about him.  His name is Bronson Van Wyke of Van Wyke Events
Their work is soo!!...  beautiful  that I had to show some inspiration shots of their work. The client list includes Martha Stewart, Valentino, Sean  Combs, and many more.

Peonies in Bird Cages

Wall of flowers with lucite check in desk filled with dirt.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blushing for Spring Fashion, Decor and Paint!

 Hello from 1 degree Connecticut.  Yes, just like much of the United States, we are freezing a #$$es off!!  Who knew that the expression "as cold as Siberia" could actually be true!!

 This ferocious blast of cold is coming straight from Siberia!!

And this is what is like around NYC and Connecticut!  It is a fight against the snow and wind.
I think the snow won!

So, instead of fighting the elements, I choose to sit at my desk with a cozy blanket and a roaring fire going.  I am so looking forward to spring and shedding the coats, snow boots and leggings.   I can not wait for feminine dresses and lights colors.  

 I am loving the soft blush pink shown in spring fashion and interiors.  It is just a whisper of soft, subtle and ladylike.

This ring is designed by Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies of my favorite bloggers. (Note: click on the title of each picture and it will take you to retail site to buy)

Duchess of Cambridge wearing a beautiful blush color evening gown.


Blush pink goes wonderfully with soft gold , soft gray and coral pink

This Saint Laurent Handbag is to die for!!!   Will definitely be dropping hints for my April birthday!

Here some of my favorite blush pink paints:

Ralph Lauren Hibiscus GH133
This beautiful bedroom designed by Phoebe Howard is painted with Ralph Lauren's Hibiscus. 

Beautiful master bedroom in blush pink and celadon green.

Nursery painted in Sherwin Williams Romance.

And here are some more great pink paint chips.

Interior Designer, Mary McDonald, designed some outstanding fabrics for Schumacher in the blush palette.


I hope this got you fired up for Spring shopping!  Or at the very least, provides a temporary distraction from the deep chill.