Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Find! - Bamboo Bar Cart and Vintage Ceramic Zebra

It has been quite sometime since I have blogged.  Life gets in the way.  My boys are now driving which leaves me more time (much more) for things like blogging, interior design and more interests.   The job of a full-time mom is fulfilling and yet, empty as you move through certain stages.

I would never have done it any differently.  I have the greatest boys that are happy, centered and loving.    We have raised boys that are polite, respectful, considerate, empathetic and ambitious.  Feel lucky!

Now onto the post...I found the greatest bar cart!!  One of my favorite blogs "Chinoiserie Chic", posted her find and I was bound and determined to find one for my home. http://chinoiseriechic.blogspot.com/2014/01/homegoods-football-and-chinoiserie.html 
When I want something, I become focused on that goal.  (Dog with a bone??)  I WILL hunt it down!!!
So, I went to every HomeGoods within 20 miles of my house for two weeks.  AND yes, it did pay off.

After two weeks, I walked into HomeGoods and there it was waiting for me.  I scooped it up!  I put it in a corner of living room along with my 50's ceramic zebra I found at a local consignment shop.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Show and tell - easy way to give fresh cut hydrangeas as a bouquet

In my previous post, I showed that we have an abundance of hydrangeas on our property.  I like to give them away as hostess gifts and bouquets.  However, hydrangeas are a very thirsty flower.  Once cut, if they do not have water, they begin to wilt very quickly.  The other day, I came up with a solution to this dilemma. I wanted to give a bouquet to a young girl that was starring as the lead in "Little Mermaid".  I knew the flowers would not get water for over four hours so...

I took a puppy pee pad in blue, soaked it with water and wrapped it around the base of the flowers. 

Then, I took a blue organza ribbon that matched the color of the puppy pee pad and flowers and braided it around the base.

Here is the end result!!! Flowers were a massive mound that made a gorgeous statement and never wilted.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hydrangeas!! and More Hydrangeas!

When we moved in our home seven years ago, I hired a landscape architect that I had admired in some local magazines.  When she came to the house, I was planting hydrangeas in a bed that borders our pool house.

When she saw that  I was planting hydrangeas (and one of my favorites because of their vivid color), she said that it was ridiculous to plant them there because this area got too much direct sun.  At the time, I felt really small and doubted my plans.  However, they were freshly planted to I decided to see what would happen.

Well, the joke is on the professional landscape architect because they grow like weeds!!!

They are growing so much I keep trimming them back from the pool house Dutch Door.  I love Dutch doors!

Finally, I shot a photo of an old fountain that I planted for the summer.  It is coming along nicely!

Hope you are having a great summer!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Beginnings

Okay, so I took a looo....ng break.  I am back to blogging again.  I got discouraged and needed a break to think about blog content. It is difficult to have original blog content when there are thousands of blogs!

Lake Waramaug, Warren, CT
However, I do enjoy blogging.  It helps look at the world through an aesthetic lens and catch the beauty of your surroundings.  Even though you may think you life is not that interesting, it may be to others...simply photos from different parts of the country and how vastly different lifestyles can be. So, here I go again.  I want to strive to bring different photos, topics, etc. in the design arena as well as lifestyle.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Great Spring Find at Payless - Isabel Toledo Striped Vamp and Kitten Heels

Just in at Payless Shoes are these adorable black and white heels from Isabel Toledo.  They are perfect for Spring!!!!  So reasonably priced!!

Au Revoir! for now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Give Me Color!!!" Let Your Freak Flag Fly in 2011!!

Okay...I have to say....I have appreciated the neutral palette that has been all over the blogs in 2010.  Whether you called in a Belgian influence and Urban Simplicity or any other term for it.

I am so done!!!!   After all, I named my interior design business COLOR &LIGHT Interior in 1996 because I love color and how different aspects of natural and luminescent  light effects the overall interior.  I have always loved color, muted, saturated, pastel and more.

I think 2011 should be the year to ask yourself what colors reflect your personality and USE them...do not be afraid to be different!  Fly Your Freak Flag!! I hope my clients in 2011 will be more free with their choices.

2010 was a year of a lot of fear and uncertainty for most.  If you follow design trends for both apparel and interiors, national moods and personal fears will always play into design decisions.  Let's make this 2011 the year of a rainbow of color and happiness.  Express yourself and your gratitude in your surroundings!!!

Happy New Year to all!

Here are some inspirations:

Mary McDonald's Happy Office 

 Suzanne Kasler, not always know for colorful palettes, but she used a hot pink on one wall that made a huge statement.

Ruthie Summers used brilliant, happy green to the living room and a great red study.

Lynn Von Kersting of Indigo Seas and The Ivy fame in LA did a wonderful home in green, red, pink and yellow.
Always loved these curtains in this photo from Victoria magazine many years ago.  Love the bold and unexpected combo of yellow and pink.

Jasper Johns Artwork takes a traditional room over the top! by Jamie Drake

Love the oriental seating in yellow silk! by Jamie Drake

Unusual and expertly done by Jamie Drake

These last photos are the work of a master in color - Jamie Drake- no one is as fearless as he is ...well, perhaps, Miles Redd.

Both designers are the true standard of great design with bold color.  It is time to think out of your comfort zone.  Be different in every way in 2011!!!  

That is my goal!!

Au Revoir for 2010!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Designing a kitchen for a client - before's and proposed layouts

I am deep in the process of designing a new kitchen for a client.  Their kitchen is about 15 years old and has some huge problems with the flow.  For example, the sink is positioned in a dark corner is next to the refrigerator and across from the trash/recycling which makes it impossible to clean up while a busy family is accessing the fridge. See photo:

The style is also very outdated but most importantly, is  not in keeping with overall architecture of the house.  The house itself is a Nantucket style shingle house that really lends to a white and brighter design.

As designer's logic dictates, the house is absolutely suited for the "Something's Gotta Give Kitchen" and yes, you may say to yourself (as I have) "This kitchen has been replicated too, too many times" BUT I promise this house was screaming for it!!!  In case you forgot how fantastic the SGG kitchen is, here are some reminders.

Great Shot!! of kitchen with Jack Nicholson in his skivvy's!

Sublime perfection!

Angle shot towards back of set.

I have studied this kitchen from every angle as many of my fellow designers have.  There are so, SO many subltle details that create the overall effect AND the can be taken for granted.  (Shortcuts are not recommended)  Just see the one of the queen of interior design blogging Cote de Texas SGG;

I have proposed many ideas which included opening walls that lead to their covered porch and making the a garden room.  I called in a very talented architect John Jones to review the project.

In the end, my client decided that they wanted to stick within the footprint of the existing kitchen.  Which I must say, always presents a challenge because from a layout standpoint without change in the dimensions, you are really only looking at a cosmetic change. (And as a designer, you know that sets you up for client disappointment at the end.)

I did finally come up with a solution to gain some space without major construction.  Behind one wall were some closets that  if we broke through the wall, we could inset the refrigerator and add pantry space to gain about 24".  Not alot of space but will definitely add to the flow.  Here are some sketches of what I proposed:

This concept is based on the two island idea from SGG that my clients really liked.  We are now in stage 2 of pricing and they have decided to go with only one island.  As all designers know, you have a strong visual point of view as to where the design should go BUT you must respect your client's process. (but grrr...but gut instinct says  it is not  right.)

I will keep you posted on next steps and the after photos.