Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blushing for Spring Fashion, Decor and Paint!

 Hello from 1 degree Connecticut.  Yes, just like much of the United States, we are freezing a #$$es off!!  Who knew that the expression "as cold as Siberia" could actually be true!!

 This ferocious blast of cold is coming straight from Siberia!!

And this is what is like around NYC and Connecticut!  It is a fight against the snow and wind.
I think the snow won!

So, instead of fighting the elements, I choose to sit at my desk with a cozy blanket and a roaring fire going.  I am so looking forward to spring and shedding the coats, snow boots and leggings.   I can not wait for feminine dresses and lights colors.  

 I am loving the soft blush pink shown in spring fashion and interiors.  It is just a whisper of soft, subtle and ladylike.

This ring is designed by Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies of my favorite bloggers. (Note: click on the title of each picture and it will take you to retail site to buy)

Duchess of Cambridge wearing a beautiful blush color evening gown.


Blush pink goes wonderfully with soft gold , soft gray and coral pink

This Saint Laurent Handbag is to die for!!!   Will definitely be dropping hints for my April birthday!

Here some of my favorite blush pink paints:

Ralph Lauren Hibiscus GH133
This beautiful bedroom designed by Phoebe Howard is painted with Ralph Lauren's Hibiscus. 

Beautiful master bedroom in blush pink and celadon green.

Nursery painted in Sherwin Williams Romance.

And here are some more great pink paint chips.

Interior Designer, Mary McDonald, designed some outstanding fabrics for Schumacher in the blush palette.


I hope this got you fired up for Spring shopping!  Or at the very least, provides a temporary distraction from the deep chill.