Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seagrass Rugs vs. Dogs and Kids - your opinion welcomed!

I would love everyone's opinion. You see, I am considering seagrass rugs for several rooms of our house.  I  am not sure how seagrass holds up to stains od spills or "piddles".  I have four small dogs and two kids so, of course, you get the occasional accident.

My only experience I have with natural fibers with kids is Sisal and it was a disaster.  I had specified a Sisal as a wall-to-wall in my twin boy's baby room and between the spit up and a dehumidifier tipping over, the carpet was a stained mess in less than a year.  I had it ripped out and something low maintenance installed.

Cote de Texas via Google

I truly welcome opinions.  What is you opinion of Seagrass?  Can it withstand stains?  If so, what is the secret to cleaning stains?

Au Revoir for now.