Monday, May 17, 2010

An Inspirational Story - Please read!!!

I was so moved by Laura Ingalls Gunn's  story.  In the face of adversity, anything is possible!!!  Here is a link to her blog - Decor To Adore.  Congratulations to Laura for never giving up on her dreams!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maison des Jumeaux - the renovation of our country home: part II

In a recent post, I showed you the before and afters of the kitchen/family room.  Go here to read the post:

Now I am showing the mudroom and pantry area.  Sometime in the '70's, a previous owner added a mudroom addition to the house that had really ugly sky lights that were not in keeping with the original architecture of the house.  Rather that gutting that part of the house, I hid it in a walk-in pantry located behind the wall with the Viking range.
Mudroom and pantry are off to the left. 

Walk -in pantry 

I designed and custom-made an iron gate for the pantry.  I have a great ironworker from Kentucky that has made all kinds of fantastic pieces for me.  In the past, he has made great sweeping stair rails, chandeliers, curtain rods and iron balconies for several projects.

Close up of gate

Lots of storage!

Have not decided if I want to add decorative curtains behind the gates or leave it open, as is.

Baker's Pantry

I never like to see lots of appliances out on counter.  I like an uncluttered kitchen.  (I am a little OCD!!!  I can drive mad husband and kids quite mad with my obsession.)  So, all of my everyday appliances are hidden.

What is behind these doors?

All the appliance are place on pull-out shelves.  They are plugged and ready to go!

The Baker's pantry is painted in soft lavender blue with an antique finish.

The mudroom

No New England house can be without a mudroom.  Growing up Texas, I did not even know that word!!  Mudrooms are the catchall rooms for muddy boots, coats, etc..  I designed this one with a huge farm sink that is more shallow that an average farms sink.  It perfect for washing dogs, cleaning boots and potting plants.

Bench for boot removal.

Coat closet

All the coats and boots are stored in closets and gloves, scarves, dog leashes etc. in the many drawers.  Yes, once again, my obsession with neatness!  

Finally, I want to thank all of my blogging friends that leave comments.  It so nice to feedback on projects.  That is what makes blogging worthwhile!!!

Au Revoir for now!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

House Beautiful's new specialty magazine for Spring/Summer 2010 - love it!

I am a big fan of House Beautiful and really loved where Stephen Drucker took the magazine over that past years.  I am sure that the incoming editor, Newell Turner, will do an excellent job!  (I actually went to college with Newell- he is a super nice guy with a superb design eye.)

One of my favorite columns that I read, tear out and file each month is the 2 pages with tried and true paint colors suggestions from top designers.  When working on a project, I will go refer back to these tear sheets for inspirations.  You know it looks like this:

Well, I won't have to scrounge around files anymore because House Beautiful just came out with a magazine that compiles all those list of colors in one place.  It is call "House Beautiful's 500+ Favorite Paint Colors" What a great reference!

I just picked up my copy at Barnes and Nobles but I do not see a place to buy it online, as of yet. So if interested, check your local book store.  It is on stands until August.

By the way, posting more kitchen/mudroom photos of our house tomorrow!

Au Revoir for now!