Sunday, July 22, 2012

Show and tell - easy way to give fresh cut hydrangeas as a bouquet

In my previous post, I showed that we have an abundance of hydrangeas on our property.  I like to give them away as hostess gifts and bouquets.  However, hydrangeas are a very thirsty flower.  Once cut, if they do not have water, they begin to wilt very quickly.  The other day, I came up with a solution to this dilemma. I wanted to give a bouquet to a young girl that was starring as the lead in "Little Mermaid".  I knew the flowers would not get water for over four hours so...

I took a puppy pee pad in blue, soaked it with water and wrapped it around the base of the flowers. 

Then, I took a blue organza ribbon that matched the color of the puppy pee pad and flowers and braided it around the base.

Here is the end result!!! Flowers were a massive mound that made a gorgeous statement and never wilted.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hydrangeas!! and More Hydrangeas!

When we moved in our home seven years ago, I hired a landscape architect that I had admired in some local magazines.  When she came to the house, I was planting hydrangeas in a bed that borders our pool house.

When she saw that  I was planting hydrangeas (and one of my favorites because of their vivid color), she said that it was ridiculous to plant them there because this area got too much direct sun.  At the time, I felt really small and doubted my plans.  However, they were freshly planted to I decided to see what would happen.

Well, the joke is on the professional landscape architect because they grow like weeds!!!

They are growing so much I keep trimming them back from the pool house Dutch Door.  I love Dutch doors!

Finally, I shot a photo of an old fountain that I planted for the summer.  It is coming along nicely!

Hope you are having a great summer!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New Beginnings

Okay, so I took a break.  I am back to blogging again.  I got discouraged and needed a break to think about blog content. It is difficult to have original blog content when there are thousands of blogs!

Lake Waramaug, Warren, CT
However, I do enjoy blogging.  It helps look at the world through an aesthetic lens and catch the beauty of your surroundings.  Even though you may think you life is not that interesting, it may be to others...simply photos from different parts of the country and how vastly different lifestyles can be. So, here I go again.  I want to strive to bring different photos, topics, etc. in the design arena as well as lifestyle.