Monday, May 18, 2015

Myra Hoefer - a woman with impeccable and ever evolving taste.

Myra Hoefer is a California designer that I always admired.  She had a wonderful gift for combining the natural, neutral and easy California style with french elegance.

In early May, she passed away at the age of 68.  It is a loss to the design world because she had a unique eye.  Like many design lovers, I keep magazine clippings many years back.  I went back in my clippings to find one of my very favorite lofts designed by Myra and her then husband, artist Wade Hoefer.

It was featured in a 1993 House Beautiful and at that time "loft living" was a relatively new design concept.  I thought Myra's loft in Healdsburg, CA was so wonderful and definitely made an imprint in my memory.

Here is the article:

All of the artwork is Wade Hoefer  and several of the tables and lamps are Ron Mann.

Later in life, her design evolved to incorporate more elements of french elegance.  You can google her and view many photos of her work.  But this loft is less represented and yet made such an impression on me.