Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Give Me Color!!!" Let Your Freak Flag Fly in 2011!!

Okay...I have to say....I have appreciated the neutral palette that has been all over the blogs in 2010.  Whether you called in a Belgian influence and Urban Simplicity or any other term for it.

I am so done!!!!   After all, I named my interior design business COLOR &LIGHT Interior in 1996 because I love color and how different aspects of natural and luminescent  light effects the overall interior.  I have always loved color, muted, saturated, pastel and more.

I think 2011 should be the year to ask yourself what colors reflect your personality and USE not be afraid to be different!  Fly Your Freak Flag!! I hope my clients in 2011 will be more free with their choices.

2010 was a year of a lot of fear and uncertainty for most.  If you follow design trends for both apparel and interiors, national moods and personal fears will always play into design decisions.  Let's make this 2011 the year of a rainbow of color and happiness.  Express yourself and your gratitude in your surroundings!!!

Happy New Year to all!

Here are some inspirations:

Mary McDonald's Happy Office 

 Suzanne Kasler, not always know for colorful palettes, but she used a hot pink on one wall that made a huge statement.

Ruthie Summers used brilliant, happy green to the living room and a great red study.

Lynn Von Kersting of Indigo Seas and The Ivy fame in LA did a wonderful home in green, red, pink and yellow.
Always loved these curtains in this photo from Victoria magazine many years ago.  Love the bold and unexpected combo of yellow and pink.

Jasper Johns Artwork takes a traditional room over the top! by Jamie Drake

Love the oriental seating in yellow silk! by Jamie Drake

Unusual and expertly done by Jamie Drake

These last photos are the work of a master in color - Jamie Drake- no one is as fearless as he is ...well, perhaps, Miles Redd.

Both designers are the true standard of great design with bold color.  It is time to think out of your comfort zone.  Be different in every way in 2011!!!  

That is my goal!!

Au Revoir for 2010!!