Monday, April 26, 2010

It's like Garanimals for Painters

Martha Stewart has a new line of paints at Home Depot.

Each of the 298 colors has a series of coordinating colors that go with them for foolproof decorating!

There is even symbols to coordinate the colors --JUST LIKE GARANIMALS!  (You remembers Garanimals, don't you?)

On one of the TV segments last week,  Kevin Sharkey, her decorating editor,  showed a sample of a large rectangle of one predominant paint color and at the top of card a fold over flap with the suggested ceiling color and a bottom flap for the suggested trim color. He said the swatches will be available at the Home Depot.  Fool proof!  Yet, not very creative....

I personally love to pour over paint colors and try to come up with unique combinations.  That is truly fun.  But, I do think that this is a great idea.

You know...Martha really gets around.  Originally, her paint line was sold through Sherwin Williams.  Then, it disappeared at SW and was sold as a Valspar product at Lowes.  Now, Home Depot.

The Martha Stewart Paints at Home Depot takes the place of Ralph Lauren paints.  You can only buy the Ralph Lauren special effects paint at Home Depot.

Don't despair if you have painted a room in your house with any of the brands and they are discontinued because most good paint stores can access the formulas or have a fan deck to color match.

Au Revoir for now!